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Hello Out There in LJ Community Land

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Apr. 10th, 2007 | 02:49 pm
posted by: theophania in fringescience

Ok, this is being crossposted to polygreeks foodfriendly and fringescience When I created these communities, I invisioned places where we all could talk, share ideas, and in some cases, debate. What's happening here is that I'm posting and either getting few or no comments and no one else is posting. I don't know much about math, but this = bad. So let's try to get some discussion going on the topics relevant to the three communities. Also, feel free to pass info on any or all of them to those who may be interested or to join yourself. I'm sure we have alot to say. We just have to start saying it! PS. I do realise that this particular community is very new, so it's not really directed towards you guys as much, but I did see a few people hve joined, so feel free to post.

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