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For those interested in fringe sciences or pseudosciences.
Hello and welcome to Fringe Science! This community is for the serious discussion of sciences that fall outside the mainstream. They're often called fringe sciences or pseudosciences. If you're a fringe scientist or are just interested in learning about the various fields within this wide scope of study, please join us. These fields include not only well-known ones like parapsychology (and all areas within it), but also other fields such as alchemy, astrology, crop circles, cryptozoology, divination, grafology, numerology, palmistry and any others that I've left out in the interests. I personally don't consider alternative medicine to be a fringe science, since it's in the medical field, but you can discuss it if you wish. Discussion of nonmainstream theories unconnected with a specific science are also fine. Healthy debate is encouraged. Feel free to bring in sites and references to supporting ideas. However, this is not a religious community. While the topic of religion will certainly come up when discussing various topics (alchemy and divination for example), and while you may bring it up if explaining a personal experience, this is not the place to discuss spells, magic, Harry Potter, rpgs etc. This is also not the place for bashing such sciences. If you have an opinion, whether positive or negative, you may discuss it so long as it's done respectfully. That said, let's start posting!